Switzerland’s new flagship venue for events, trade fairs and conferences. Halle 550 in Zurich Oerlikon is a uniquely impressive plug & play concept that offers ultimate freedom. Thanks to the flexible room concept, both smaller spaces and all main spaces can be used for 50 to 3,500 people. “Supplier’s choice” enables you to design events tailored to your needs. The modular structure and the versatile configuration of the four spaces increase planning freedom - true to the motto: Halle 550 - “Anything goes.”.
The Halle 550 is a moving 3D-brand concept. There is not only one logo. There are a variety of logos in various forms to keep the feeling of being always in movement: "Anything goes". The logo doesn't only move through animation, but also in print, signage and static imagery where the logo 'swings' and changes across applications.

Client: Catering Services Migros
Creative Direction/Project Lead: Suki, Komvent
Agency: FS Parker
Art Direction: Johni Seifert
Motion: André Popp, Matthias Büchner
© Photos from halle550.ch

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